How our reviews work

Reviews for insurance should not be a favour for your provider. They should be a valuable tool when making a crucial decision on who to trust with your cover.

We offer reviews for every stage of the insurance journey: Buying, Support and importantly, Claims.

Giving you the power to voice to your experience in a way that helps you and others better than a simple average star rating.

Give our reviews a go

We feature two types of reviews: left by you on our site and reviews we've analysed from across the internet

Our native reviews

You can leave a review for your provider on our site, for free.

Our system allows you to review multiple insurance providers at once.

If you are logged in to your free Peaccce online wallet, the reviews you leave, help personalise your future search results.That means you don't need to remember next year who you may have considered today.

Reviews analysed from across the internet

Our team collects, analyses and classifies reviews from across the internet into a single place.

That makes it easier for you to see the big picture much easier.

We use publicly available information, and respect the choices providers and buyers make on where they invite and post reviews.

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